The DriverMojo Workplace Driver Safety Program and its parent company Worldwide Driving Solutions LLC were founded by and is managed by professional driving instructors with national and international driving experience. DriverMojo’s sole focus is to train drivers to be safer behind the wheel; ultimately reducing crashes while preventing injuries and saving lives.


Founders, Carl McGinn and Jim Colletti, Ken Baca, and a very long list of automotive and driving professionals, have worked together for more than 20 years. Originally, they were partners with national automobile ride and drive agencies servicing manufacturers including Nissan, Infiniti, Hyundai, BWM and Mercedes Benz. More recently, they supported driver safety by managing the B.R.A.K.E.S. Teen Safe Driving Program. This experienced leadership team has been the “go to” for many corporations who need management, marketing and logistical support of safe driver training programs, experiential driving activities and professional driving services.


DriverMojo has assembled a team of professional driving instructors with vast experience teaching safe driver training both nationally and internationally. The diverse team includes experienced men and women from all areas of business, including professional racing, law enforcement and emergency services, fleet management and education.

All DriverMojo team members are vetted and have passed rigorous background checks, random drug testing and motor vehicle license verification. Additionally, all professional driving instructors and staff have completed diversity, sensitivity and anti-discrimination training and participate in on-going training.

The DriverMojo Workplace Driver Safety Program takes the industry standard for safe driving and delivers it in a dynamic, fun and memorable way with successful results. Provide your employees, fleet drivers and team members an amazing opportunity to learn lifesaving driving skills that they can use both on and off the job.