Mesa Fama and Jim Colletti
November 2020

Every day, companies are looking for new ways of team building. The innovative ones find success in connecting current needs and challenges, like safety and employee retention to their team building plans. The core of team building is to have employees engaged and actively involved with one another, fostering a more collaborative work environment and ultimately inspiring growth and development. Unfortunately, due to lack of time and ideas, team leaders and managers default to team building activities which often are nothing more than a happy hour at a nearby bar or potluck done in the office where everyone grabs a plate and goes back to their desks. Some companies however have done spectator events like baseball or football games, and while these are heavily entertaining, they don’t typically foster a collaborative environment. In order for companies to really get a return on their investment into these events, the focus needs to shift back to the core of building a team – something fun and strategic, self-reflective and collaborative.

With the increased focus on employee and workplace safety, and specifically driver safety for companies with fleet drivers, companies have added safety training to their employee engagement. Smart companies have found that if the training is comprehensive and well planned, it can in itself become a team building activity.

Following a recent off-site hands-on, behind-the-wheel safe driver training of a national construction company, an employee asked what the company paid for him to participate. He reacted by saying, “I am so honored that my company would invest $1,000 in my safety … and, I really had a lot of fun doing it [the training].”

Getting the team building event right is a surefire way to achieve the overall goal of providing employees a place to be proud to work. And, providing competent, in-depth training is a way to ensure that employees will have a safe place to work. Companies who understand this make this a priority.

National safe driver training company DriverMojo offers a one-of-a-kind team building and driver training experience that provides an environment for maximum employee engagement, growth and knowledge. DriverMojo brings to the team building experience substantial knowledge of what hands-on and behind-the-wheel exercises are most effective to address the driving safety issues employees face every day, not just on the job, but in life on the road. DriverMojo provides fun, educational and effective training; all presented by engaging and knowledgeable professional driving instructors with decades of driver training experience. Companies can expect to have their employees team build while spending four hours learning and engaging in the following activities: vehicle dynamics, emergency maneuvering, advanced vehicle control and real-world preparedness.

Once employees have gone through the DriverMojo Workplace Driver Safety Program, they’ll be able to implement their skills gained right away, giving them a feeling of having more control and confidence, while reducing risk for the company. Merging team building and safety training satisfies two needs with greater, quantifiable results.

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Mesa Fama is a hospitality expert in Las Vegas, NV and Jim Colletti is co-founder of DriverMojo.